Essential Car Battery Information to the Beginners

The battery is essential for the car to start and proper care should be taken to support your vehicle. weakening/overloading of car batter Sharjah should be avoided to increase its lifespan.

Reasons for battery getting weak 

The most common reason for battery growing weak is when it is exposed to direct sunlight during summers for a longer duration of time. This increases the corrosion process resulting in the evaporation of the electrolyte. This main is the battery grow weak and effects its life span a and which lead to car battery replacement in dubai. Hence it is ideal to park the vehicle in a garage or in shade to avoid direct sunlight.

Another reason is running the music system or car headlight for a longer duration of time while the engine is off causing battery drain. So, proper care must be taken to avoid extra strain on the battery.

Always make it a point to drive for enough time for the battery to get recharged again. Avoid additional plug-in like for the charger and speakers for a longer duration of time to award the battery to grow weak.

Cleaning the battery

Corrosion on the battery terminals is harmful as it causes battery discharge. It is essential for the car owners to clean the terminals regularly to increase the batteries life span.

Starting a car with a weak battery

Starting a car using a weak battery is generally not allowed unless it is a crisis situation. A jumpstart using jumper cables can be utilized to start your car if you are stuck on the roadside. Jumpstarting is a simple technique that uses another car to start but requires safety measures to avoid any dangerous situations.

It is performed when both the cars are parked in a neutral position. Both the car’s batteries should have the same voltage power and they should not be in a frozen state.